Make poker a soul game – not a bingo or lottery game!


Poker should be a strategy game, a spiritual game. Because of THEM, all of these features of poker are in a secondary plan. Hey player. I will speak as a poker tournament player. Many players will say, "Use expensive buying games to play games." Simply put, this is the case. But not every poker player has a full bank account.

Poker games are poker games. We should respect our opponents. Where is that spirit? For example, I play free games on party poker for a few days now. Prizes: 25 tickets for the excellent tournament, $5,000 for the prize plus another $15,000 tournament ticket. We can say very well. Even if it's just a free game we want to play a quality game. but not! Today's fish is in good shape. I didn't see the flop in 10 minutes. 10 minutes is the battle for everyone on my desk. Um… what should I do now to ask myself. Ok… I will wait! I threw away my hand like AK, JJ, TT… I am making the right choice. why? For example, when I have JJ, a chip runner (fish) is all suitable for 24. Another player paid him the AK that suits him. What card is on the table?

FLOP: A 8 T. Until now it is very good but on TURN: ZBANG 3 and the river: Guess ZBANG 5. AHAHAHAHAH is the reaction of aquarium. About me to participate in that tournament? Ok, I was resisted for about 3 hours. When the table is balanced, there are only 50 players left in the game. Surprise! The animals in the aquarium are with me again. I was scared because I was 47 years old at that moment… because there were good players on the table, he could only refuse a few hands on that table. 2 All he went out with him. Did I mention that he was a chip leader before then? 🙂 I finished 36 but I am very happy… I saw the live execution…

I have played hundreds of poker tournaments now… free games and buy up to $10 because I have no more possibilities Sex. But I only have this feeling in a game. Feel like I play real poker. I won the ticket for the 250K tournament. I played… 5000 entries… After an hour of competition… 4,300 players left… Wow! I didn't win anything, but the poker spirit is very happy. I want to have this feeling once a week, once a month, once a year… I will play, I will fight… I will try to beat them.

Let's play together… Let's dream together… Respect the good poker players!