Barcelona Football Tournament Tickets


Barcelona FC is home to a grand stadium in the heart of the city. One of the biggest attractions when visiting Barcelona is to visit the famous Nou Camp home.

This world famous football stadium has experienced many great games over the years and was once the greatest football player in the world. It also hosted the final phase of a major competition. With a capacity of 100,000 spectators, the Camp Nou Stadium or Noucamp Stadium is one of the best sports venues in the world.

Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry are in the current star works, but celebrities like John Cruyff have glisted in the past, and this ancient place has indeed seen it for decades. The best players in the world have had great games in some of the history of the Camp Nou.

So – you may ask – If you are visiting the city, how do you get tickets for the Barcelona competition?

You have a few choices, but keep in mind that the team has been in a top-notch since 2005, and it is not always easy to get a seat when they play well on matchdays – good matches and Good results tend to bring fans of old wardrobes out of wood. Getting tickets to FC Barcelona also depends on the time of year you plan to go. Some tickets are always available directly at Camp Nou Stadium, or you can book online by phone and in theory. Football tickets can also be purchased through the serviCaxi ticket purchase service. If you are not a club member of FC Barcelona (equivalent to a season ticket holder in the UK), you will need to purchase tickets by phone or online at least 15 days prior to the competition. They are a web booking service, but it's sometimes unreliable reputation.

Ticket prices range from 30 Euros to 120 Euros, depending on your location and the size of the game. On the day of the competition, there are tickets around the stadium, and it is fair to say that most of these people are usually members with free tickets. But be careful to tear and tear off the forged tickets. If they claim to be a member with a spare seat, ask them to take them with them into the stadium and don't pay cash before you sit comfortably in your seat.

Some games are simply not possible to get tickets – for example: if you want to see the hustle and bustle of Barcelona and Real Madrid, don't bother unless you have a lot of spare cash on hand. It is almost impossible to get tickets for this game in a big game like this, because this is the biggest match of the two clubs this year.

Take part in a match and see if the FC Barcelona match at the Camp Nou is definitely something you should do if you are a football fan – it is definitely an unforgettable experience.

On non-competition days, you can also purchase tickets for excursions around the stadium. You may have the opportunity to meet a superstar on the team and visit the trophy room and locker room.

Make poker a soul game – not a bingo or lottery game!


Poker should be a strategy game, a spiritual game. Because of THEM, all of these features of poker are in a secondary plan. Hey player. I will speak as a poker tournament player. Many players will say, "Use expensive buying games to play games." Simply put, this is the case. But not every poker player has a full bank account.

Poker games are poker games. We should respect our opponents. Where is that spirit? For example, I play free games on party poker for a few days now. Prizes: 25 tickets for the excellent tournament, $5,000 for the prize plus another $15,000 tournament ticket. We can say very well. Even if it's just a free game we want to play a quality game. but not! Today's fish is in good shape. I didn't see the flop in 10 minutes. 10 minutes is the battle for everyone on my desk. Um… what should I do now to ask myself. Ok… I will wait! I threw away my hand like AK, JJ, TT… I am making the right choice. why? For example, when I have JJ, a chip runner (fish) is all suitable for 24. Another player paid him the AK that suits him. What card is on the table?

FLOP: A 8 T. Until now it is very good but on TURN: ZBANG 3 and the river: Guess ZBANG 5. AHAHAHAHAH is the reaction of aquarium. About me to participate in that tournament? Ok, I was resisted for about 3 hours. When the table is balanced, there are only 50 players left in the game. Surprise! The animals in the aquarium are with me again. I was scared because I was 47 years old at that moment… because there were good players on the table, he could only refuse a few hands on that table. 2 All he went out with him. Did I mention that he was a chip leader before then? 🙂 I finished 36 but I am very happy… I saw the live execution…

I have played hundreds of poker tournaments now… free games and buy up to $10 because I have no more possibilities Sex. But I only have this feeling in a game. Feel like I play real poker. I won the ticket for the 250K tournament. I played… 5000 entries… After an hour of competition… 4,300 players left… Wow! I didn't win anything, but the poker spirit is very happy. I want to have this feeling once a week, once a month, once a year… I will play, I will fight… I will try to beat them.

Let's play together… Let's dream together… Respect the good poker players!