York – National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum is located in York, providing a history of British rail transport. It is the world's largest railway museum with a large number of locomotives and other railway equipment. It is the most visited of all museums outside London.

The museum is located near York Railway Station. Trains departing from the city centre provide transportation to the museum. There is no entrance fee and it is open from 10am to 6pm.

The entire collection at the National Railway Museum has about 280 vehicles, including more than 100 locomotives. Locomotives are often transferred to other museums in the area, including Shidon's Locomotion. Perhaps the most impressive of all displays is the "Palace on Wheels" show. It consists of a series of trains dating back to Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth. Some of the first vehicles used at the time were now on display at the museum, in part to preserve them.

Another popular exhibit is the Funes Railway No. 3. The old British steam locomotive is also known as "Coppernob". A prominent feature of "Coppernob" is the copper firebox steam engine. Historically important is because it is a survivor of that particular period. LNER Class A3 4472, commonly known as Flying Scotsman, is another popular exhibition. It can also be used occasionally as part of a rail network. However, it is now more commonly used for promotional purposes. It is one of the most famous locomotives because it has gained a lot of exposure in the children's books and PC games Microsoft Train Simulator.

Several cars were also imported. One example is the Chinese KF locomotive. It was originally built in the UK and used as part of a night ferry service in Paris and London. The night ferry is a sleeper train, a type of railway passenger car that usually travels at night. It can accommodate many passengers per trip. Another car, the Japanese 0 series Shinkansen bullet train, was provided by West Japan Railway Company. It is the only bullet train outside Japan.

The collection is not only composed of locomotive displays. Other notable projects include railway timepieces. Watches for timing purposes during railway operations are on display. Station platform clocks, protective watches and office clocks are just some of the items on display. Railway tickets are another outstanding show. From the gold pass to the simple ticket stub, different types of tickets are also displayed.

The railway model is another important part of the series. The museum has many models of historical importance. There are also a large number of toy trains for commercial purposes.

Another exhibition relates to railway coins and medals used in the past. These coins are usually used in the construction of the railway system itself, mainly for trade.